Multiplayer update coming


It’s been a busy two months since I last posted. I’ve been working on getting the multiplayer working and doing my best to iron out the bugs. It now supports games over the internet and local area network. I mentioned a few posts ago that it felt like I was working on a multiplayer game with a single player component. I now retract that statement. I was doing some thinking about it, and while multiplayer is definitely going to be important, it isn’t going to dominate the game. With a small indie game like mine it would be difficult to get enough people online to support a bustling multiplayer scene. I’m kind of intending the multiplayer to be something for friends to do together. It’s unlikely that you’ll meet a lot of new people playing the multiplayer.

That said, I’ve got an idea that I think might help. In addition to the current game list I’m going to add a list of intent-to-play posts. Basically you can indicate that you are going to be online Thursday evening at 6:00, and anyone who wants to join is welcome. That way you’ll be able to see a larger sampling of the people who are playing the game.

Anyway, I’m intending to have the multiplayer update on the humble store this week. Following that I’m going to be adding some new features that I’ll talk about in a later blog post, and then get on Steam Greenlight.

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