Multiplayer Update is up


Multiplayer over the internet is now available on the Humble Store! It’s actually been up for a week or so, it just took me a bit to get around to posting about it.

The internet-multiplayer isn’t really meant for you to log on and find dozens of games available, it’s primarily designed so that you and your friends can play without having to be in the same room. Which reminds me of another exciting development: There is now a Mac version of the game. You can head over to the Humble Store to download it. Finally I’ve integrated an auto-patching feature into the game. When you start up the game it will check to see if there are any updates available, if there are then it will let you know. You can then click on a button and it will download and patch the game for you. I’m hoping that will make it easier for you to know about and obtain the latest updates.

Currently I’m working on adding special abilities to the game. Often when playing the game, especially in multiplayer, the battles are reduced to the ships circling each other hoping to get a few shots in every now and then. It’s boring and takes forever. So I’m adding special abilities that will let you change up the status-quo. Sick of circling your enemies? Try dropping a turret on the field, or go invisible for a turn, or boost your engine output, or set off an explosive wave around your ship, or drop some mines. Lots of possibilities, they should make the battles more interesting.

The final bit of news is that I will be showing the game at the Salt Lake Gaming Con in about four weeks. It’s going to require some hard work to get things ready, but it should be worth it. The show was great last year, and I expect it will be fantastic again this year. If you happen to be there, stop by. There will be a lot of other games on display made by other Utah indie game developers.

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